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    Progress report
    for the first year
  • IEEE
    June 8 - 11, 2014
    The IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium in Dearborn, Michigan, USA
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    #4 - A new approach for robust road marking detection and tracking applied to multi-lane estimation
June 8 - 11, 2014, The 2014 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium will be held in Dearborn, Michigan, USA, Sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society.

The CooPerCom partners will presents 5 papers in this conference dedicated to the different tasks of the project...
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From Virtual To Reality, How To Prototype, Test And Evaluate New ADAS: Application To Automatic Car Parking

Over the past decade, a lot of researches have been done on the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)...
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